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Updated: Apr. 19 (20:04)

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Association Employees Union
Week Ending 04/19/2024
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Contract Negotiations
Duluth Police Local #807
Political Action Committee

 The United Association Constitution states: "We must assist in electing to public office only those favorable to the cause which we espouse, which is the cause of human freedom and in doing so, elect our friends and defeat our enemies."

Why does Local 44 have a Political Action Committee?

Not all politicians have a sense of what it is like to actually have to get up and go work for someone, every day, for most of our lives. Secondly, these aforementioned politicians tend to take care of their friends, which is usually to the detriment of working folks. Local 44 realizes that we need to participate in the democratic process and help elect our friends to public office. This way we can try to make working folks' lives better and at the very least stop the erosion of the rights which our forbearers in the labor movement won for us.

Many working people take for granted some of the most basic issues, such as child labor laws, the forty-hour work week, health and safety laws and many more. Many people take for granted other, real, tangible things which make up our lives today, such as roads or electrical power.

Many of these things were financed by the public during a time when people realized how important an infrastructure was to have a efficient and vibrant economy. These things are not luxury items. To have an active economy, they are crucial. Infrastructure is important to attract new businesses, to foster growth of existing companies and also to make our lives as working people more comfortable.

To compound the lack of awareness many people have of the steps it has taken us to get out of the Stone Age, most people blame government for all the ills of society. Many fail to realize that our form of self-government has propelled us to heights which other people on planet earth can only dream about. Many people do not realize how electing the right or wrong people to public office can effect their everyday working lives.

Political Goals

The Political Action Committee of Local 44 strives to provide a voice for Local 44 members in three distinct ways.

  1. Pressing ahead with voter registration of LU44 members.
  2. Providing voter information on issues which have been determined by the P.A.C. to effect our working lives as pipe trades workers.
  3. Sitting down with elected officials or those who aspire to elected office with the intent of educating them on issues which are important to us as pipetrades workers.

Legislative Focus

The Political Action Committee of Local 44 will pursue legislation and political activities which affect our members in three primary areas: Wages, Hours, and Working Conditions.

Legislative Agenda

Proposed Legislative and Regulatory Agenda to be Pursued By UA Local 44 Plumbers and Steamfitters

  1. There should be absolutely no attempt to institute any form of right to work legislation or referendum either nationally or locally.
  2. There should be absolutely no weakening of any provisions of the Davis-Bacon Acts or related acts at any level of government.
  3. There should be absolutely no infringement on the licensing of crafts affiliated with Local 44 by other crafts. Local 44 also strives to expand and protect the Plumbing license and certifications to ensure that all phases of Plumbing and appropriate codes are covered by the license/certification. We also advocate the institution a pipefitters license that would include all applicable work and codes under the Pipefitters license/certification.
  4. Establish and enforce a common set of apprenticeship standards for Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship.
  5. We support negotiated union-only project labor agreements which are approved by UA44.
  6. Provide protection from being forced to accept low-wage jobs when an employee is injured.
  7. Bid shopping by general contractors for sub bids is a common and unethical practice which is and should be stopped by legislative authority especially in the public works' arena Candidate Endorsement Process.
  8. Contact Local 44 P.A.C. Chair to set an appointment with our Political Action Committee and to receive a Local 44 Candidate Questionnaire.
  9. Return the Questionnaire to the P.A.C. Chair at least one week prior to your scheduled interview.
  10. The Committee will recommend a response, which will be taken up at the next regular union meeting.
  11. At that time, the membership will debate the issue and take the necessary action.
  12. The candidate will be notified of the outcome within the next week.

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